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Living in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica: A Favorite Among Expats & Tourists

Costa Rica Living & Real Estate – Playa Jaco (pronounced as ha-ko by locals) is a lively beach town located in the center of the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is considered to be the hub of the Central Pacific coast and is a favorite destination among expats and tourists alike making it the top beach retirement spot in all of Costa Rica.

jaco beach costa rica real estateIt is not surprising rather it is understandable why retirees like to live in Jaco. Imagine living in a place where you get to experience a bustling life during the day and sizzling party life at night, enjoy many amenities and comforts of home, have your own choice of lifestyle and take part in different beach and nature activities, and most of all bask in the wonderful heat of the summer sun.

In Jaco you can relax and sunbathe in the 2.5 mile long sandy beach, enjoy a beach bar  or surf the best waves in the entire country. Beginners and pros will definitely have a great time in Jaco since there are all kinds of waves suitable for both. You can even join surfing competitions that are held regularly in this town, all you have to do is check in at one of the local surf schools for more information.  

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If you are more into luxurious sports like golf, you can always go to the Los Suenos residential resort and play a round with your friends. While at Los Suenos you can also go for some world class sport fishing where you can hook marlin, sailfish or tuna.  

Housing is not a problem is Jaco since there is always something for everyone. There are several large resorts, residential developments, condominiums, gated communities and affordable lots you can build your dream house on, in different price ranges and styles suitable for everyone. Beachfront condo with a single bedroom start at 160,000, two bedroom condos at $200,000 and three bedrooms start at $250,000, but if you are okay to be a few minutes outside of town you can get a condo for less than $60,000. If you are looking for a house and lot you can get one for $150,000 but you can definitely purchase something more affordable if you look or ask around.

Since Jaco is a tourist oriented town you will find the main street filled with trendy bars, posh restaurants, fabulous shops, incredible art galleries and groovy nightclubs. There is also a grocery store just a few minutes’ drive out of town where you can buy imported goods like delicious Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and mouth watering Parmesan cheese. Because of the great tourist trade and a large number of tourists and part-time and full-time expats, Jaco Beach has developed the best service industry and one of the few towns in Costa Rica where you can get by with just English.  

Convenience is definitely one of Jaco’s main features. It is just an hour drive via the new modern highway from San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city, which means you can easily get access to high-class medical and dental care and great public facilities. This also means that you can get to Juan Santamaria International Airport in a jiffy to pick-up visiting family and friends or leave the country to visit your love ones during holidays and important events.

Jaco also boasts of an active expat community. You can join different clubs, enjoy cultural events, take part in rejuvenation projects, and attend exhibitions and sporting events and so much more. In here you can definitely have live with tons of fun in the sun.

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