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Legislation to Legalize Cockfighting in Costa Rica?

The cockfighters have their own fight in the Legislature in order to know and approve a law regulating cockfighting in the country. Alexander Pinto Rodríguez, a spokesman for the National Association of Breeders Roosters, said he has more than two years of working with a legal team of “prestige” to make this project a reality.

According to Pinto, the plan provides that a part of the “juicy profits that leave the fights,” will be given  to charities.

The Association argued that this practice originated from Biblical times.

“In Noah’s Ark there were fighting cocks,” said guild claims to have 5,000 members, including 180 bird breeders.

One of the foundations of the cockers is that these animals are genetically made to fight.

“This is a special fighting animal, whose chromosomes and genetics are different to other roosters. God made them to fight and defend, they do not need the hand of man to do that, “said the spokesman.

The National Animal Health Service (SENASA), based in San Jose, Costa Rica, protector of animal health in Costa Rica under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), insisted that, apart from being illegal, cockfighting produces a health risk in the poultry activity in the country.

“It’s a case of animal cruelty,” said Anthony Van Der Lucht, counsel for the entity.

So far this year, SENASA has done about 12 operations in which has seized about 300 roosters.

Seizures have bothered greatly to the cockers who believe it is an “injustice.”

“Why this war is given only with fighting cocks?” Said the association in the field paid.

“Abuse is fishing. How do the fish die? With leaps and bounds because they need oxygen. When fishing tuna die in a terrible way, but we all eat a can of tuna and nobody said it was abuse, “said Pinto.

Besides fishing, comparing cockfighting to bullfighting, the “lagarteada” and “greased pig”.

According to the cockfighting, fighting between these birds are not what people know. “SENASA has waged against us to continue this tradition. The fighting cocks are not to death, are regulated contests for 12 minutes.70% of the roosters are still alive and is a veterinarian who heals his wounds, the animals are well, “said Pinto.

Van Der Lucht said that the only tradition that is in the fights is the “culture of commitment to Costa Rica.”

The Cock Breeders Association said fans are from all walks of life.

Danilo Cubero, member of the Libertarian Movement, confessed his love of cockfighting. This cost him the nomination for President of the Legislative Assembly in April.

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