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Learning English in Costa Rica – The Genius Factory

Costa Rica News – No matter your age or level, Genius Factory can help you achieve your goals related to learning English. This school gives native English classes. Learning from someone who has always spoken English all day every day gives you an obvious advantage.

The classes include cultural themes to get a broader education of the language and its use. The teachers will reinforce your knowledge as well as your confidence.

If you hope to perfect your English, Genius Factory is the absolute best option in the San Carlos region. In fact, it’s the only one with a professor who is a native of the U.S. It’s also the only one that guarantees exact pronunciation and grammar. If you chose to learn at Genius Factory, you won’t end up speaking robotically, rather really knowing the language and speaking it naturally like the natives.

Did you know that people who speak two languages actually have better cognitive abilities than others? Additionally, those who speak multiple languages have more job opportunities and chances to connect with people from other cultures. Learning a second language also helps our brains during the aging process.

The classes for kids are divided by ages. They are conversational and interactive. Aside from getting a native speaking elementary teacher, you also have a trained preschool teacher who is passionate about language learning. They co-teach each class.

There’s currently an incredible promotion, FREE enrollment. The monthly price is very reasonable. A 1 hour a week class is ₡15.000 a month and a 2 hour one is  ₡25.000. The pair of teachers also offers an English Lab that can be used to prepare for exams or interviews. For just ₡20.000 a month you can have attention every time you need it during the month. Another option is to pay ₡4.500 per hour. This is available Monday through Friday from 1 to 4 p.m.

You can find and connect with Genius Factory on Facebook at:

They have a perfect response rate so all your questions will be answered in a timely manner. You can also stop by. It’s located across from Tacos Serrano in downtown Ciudad Quesada.

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