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Law Against Animal Abuse in Costa Rica May Pass in January

Costa Rica News – Deputy Marcela Guerrero has demanded closure on the issue of the Law Against the Mistreatment of Animals.

animal abuse costa ricaShe is trying to push the issue into the schedule for the Legislature in the last two weeks of January.

It should not be allowed to go any further than the first month of the year. Just this month, 21 horses were retained by the National Service of Animal Health after being found at the Tope in poor physical condition and not being taken care of adequately.

The bill prohibits cruelty, abuse, killing animals in performances and organizing or participating in animal fights. There would be sentences of six months to three years in jail for those who mistreat or kill animals.

Additionally, pet owners who do not comply with safety practices or who do not pick up after their pets in public places will be fined.

This bill was one of the last amendments by the Environmental Commission of Congress before the end of year recess. The Office of the President is going to insist on the project during special sessions of Congress.

Final approval will be voted on.

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