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Lava & Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano

Costa Rica News – Lava is on the rise and has caused sudden changes in the Poas volcano and the surrounding area.

Volcanologists estimate that magmatic deposits would reach 500 meters from the surface.

There have been emanations of water that are leaving the new fumarola reaching eight meters high. The liquid is leaving the volcano at 90 °C. This is all due to pressure from a lava bag that is presumed to be on the rise.

The activity of the volcano has increased in recent weeks. On April 1st, several tourists recorded a phreatic explosion, composed of gas, steam and particles. This hasn’t happened for over a year.

The crater itself has risen and widened between January and March. This Sunday the National Park had to be closed because of the activity of the volcano. Gas emissions are happening from the lake and the lava dome. The gases could affect those with asthma.

The lake rose 5 degrees in less than eight days and its color changed. An earthquake occurred, marking the opening of a new fumarola.

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