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Laughing and Experiencing Costa Rica Culture

Costa Rica News – For most people that come to Costa Rica, each day is a learning process of trying to figure out the idiosyncrasies that make up the culture of Costa Rica.  Many of the things will not make much sense to you and frustrate you at times.

McDonalds-McPinto-costa-ricaThe only way you can keep your sanity is learn to laugh and just roll with these things.  Well that or smoke marijuana to help yourself relax.  Most of the time doing both can help you survive daily life in Costa Rica.

They hate the U.S. but love everything that comes from there. The locals fall in love with people from the U.S. all the time. The teens wear Hollister and American Eagle clothes. The families eat in McDonald’s.

Prices here are insane. They make no sense at all! A small jar of Jiff peanut butter costs $10 and $8 for a small bag of cheese, while a bus ride across the country is only $3!

Rice and beans are in every meal in some capacity. Even fast food places offer this option next to your french fries and frostys, of course!

During rainy season you see people looking at their watches at about 1:45 everyday. That’s because it rains at almost exactly 2p.m. daily!

Costa Ricans are very bad salesmen. I will be standing at the bus stop, in line, and Taxis will drive by honking their horns soliciting their services. Why the hell would I want a Taxi if I am standing at the bus stop?

They will try to sell umbrellas to people who are already holding an umbrella!

They will file their nails over your leg on the bus and at a dinner table!

Costa Ricans make out everywhere. This should be known as the “Public Displays of Affection country”. In and around college, middle school and high school campuses are Tico couples getting warmed up to make a baby. Movie theaters are pretty much make out rooms and it sucks sitting behind couples on the bus. The reason is because a majority of families are strict Catholics so the only place they can make out it seems is in public. Very ironic, very funny.

I am sure you all have your things that make you laugh down here. Feel free to share them with us on facebook or in the comments.


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