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Latinas Mas Bellas Presents Stef Arroyo Porras

Costa Rica News – During the next few days we will be presenting some of the beautiful women that will be showcased at the Latinas Mas Bellas event starting this week. The wonderful event will start on Thursday, September 6, in Pirates at the Fiesta Casino in Alajuela to showcase the outstanding beauty and talent of Latinas Mas Bellas candidates in a press conference that will be held at 8 pm, which will be followed by a fantastic VIP party that will start at 9 pm.  

stef arroyo porrasThe first beautiful Costa Rican we will be introducing is the blond princess Stef Arroyo Porras. This beautiful 23 year old Costa Rican was born on February 14th in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica. The youngest sibling in her family she was protected by her 2 older brothers. She was raised in a solid family on the shores of the Osa Peninsula, in the southern area of Costa Rica.

When she was 18 years old she started her modeling career, working for various brands and advertising companies.

She is not only beautiful she also has the brains to match the looks. She began her studies in law in 2005. She aced her  exams and graduated with a  Bachelor;s Degree in law in 2011.
In 2012, she decided to participate in the contest “The Most Beautifull Latina”. In the contest she was selected in the top 5 and will be able to  participate in the he Most Beautiful Latina contest in Las Vegas this coming December. This is only for the top models in latin america.

stef arroyo porrasThis gorgeous single Costa Rican loves mountain biking and likes to spend most of her free time at the beach. Another passion of Stef is cooking and  studying various courses of culinary art.

Talk about the perfect woman, beautiful, smart, loves the beach and cooking.  What else could you want?

So please come and join the festivities and meet the Mas Bellas Latinas personally. You can come and meet them in any of the 4 days from September 6th through September 9th.  You will get to enjoy the music, talent and beauty of an incredible weekend in Costa Rica. It will be wrapped up with a BBQ on Sunday in Playa Jaco.

You Can Check Out More information about the weekend by clicking CRT Times Article Most Beautiful Latina Weekend.

Also Check Out the Latinas Mas Bellas Schedule PDF in Spanish.

Invitation to the Press in Spanish.

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