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Land Banking Companies (Majority are Legal Scams)

Waring! Worthless Land for Sale in Costa Rica! If you get  a call for a great land investment opportunity in teak or biofuels or some other income generating land, it is most likely a land banking legal scam.

    • Watch out for land for sale in sunny countries that comes with planning permission.
    • The scam right now is to sell these at greatly inflated prices, perhaps 300%-500% over their true value.
    • How can a company get away with this?

Simple, because most of the buyers won’t do their own independent research instead relying on the charming          salesmenfor all their information and help………..

  • The Land Banking scammers have generally shifted tactics and now tend to promote offshore land as ‘incredible investments
  • If it’s Brazil, Turkey or Cyprus it will probably be holiday development land
  • Coconut plantations in Brazil is also one of the recent cons
  • If Ukraine it’s likely to be farmland
  • Teak plantations and Biofuel Plantations in Costa Rica
  • Biofuel land in Indonesia
  • Please stop and think if you get called by these scammers because you’re being setup with 100% certainty to buy something for say $10,000 that’s probably worth nearer $100 (if indeed the scammers actually sell you the land, ever heard of fake paperwork?)
  • DO NOT TRUST ANYBODY OR ANY FIRM THAT COLD CALLS YOU ABOUT AN INVESTMENT (land, stocks & shares, futures, options, Carbon Credits, or Gold mines etc)
  • 99.9% of them are scammers and thieves, however polite, charming and knowledgeable they come across

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