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Lack of Driver Safety in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Most pedestrians complain about the giant gaps in the streets and sidewalks in Costa Rica. They are not the only danger. 40% of drivers find it unnecessary to follow the laws of the road.

costa rica traffic accidents 1In fact, many deaths occur each year due to drivers disrespecting the traffic signals. Are the drivers not educated well enough before getting a license (just read a 100 page book and take a 3 hour course)? Is it “just a cultural thing?”

These reasons have been brought up in conversation each time we see a collision blocking the road. A new study suggests another issue. Cosevi surveyed drivers and came to that conclusion of 40% saying that some signs are useless or that they are indifferent to them. I’d say the percentage is more like 89%, off the top of my head, but lets stick to the official survey result.

288 people were killed on the roads in 2013. Guess how many deaths were caused by indifference to traffic signs or laws? 100!

That’s 100 deaths that were not because of  bad weather or bad roads, but were because of lack of concern for following the rules that are in place to save lives.


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