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Know the Costa Rica Traffic Law Amendments

Costa Rica News – With a majority vote, Sala IV endorsed a new amendment to Traffic Law.

It introduces a fine of about ¢307,000 for producing noises or pollutant emissions above the permitted limits.

This fine is only applicable to the owner of the vehicle and not the driver, such as someone renting or borrowing a car or using a work vehicle. The drivers, however, can be sanctioned for other noise problems like excessive honking.

Another change is that it is now prohibited to park trucks, buses or other vehicles that have a gross weight of more than 2 tons on urban and suburban roads, unless they are at authorized stops or in loading and unloading areas.

The amendment also allows for tickets to be given for infractions caught by cameras.

One more change is that a driver may request a second breathalyzer test but if positive he will have to pay for it.

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