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Killing of Dogs and Cats Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The group Protection and Rescue of Animals of the Street reported a great slaughter of dogs and cats that occurred this week in Paraíso in Cartago. As explained by the president Sonia Brenes, from last Thursday to yesterday, 39 animals were found killed in the streets of Cartago.

“We do not understand what’s happening. This has always been  this situation, but it is very sporadic. These animals were poisoned appeared all at once.”

“It is an inhumane hunting what some heartless insensitive, as these animals, which are not to blame for walking in the street, dying in terrible pain,” he said.

Precisely, Brenes said last Thursday they collected 16 dead dogs. Most animals were known because they went through castration due to a campaign to prevent reproduction and therefor were able to be identified.

Although we tried to bring a complaint to the Judicial Investigation Organization, it had no effect, since no law punishes such acts.

Brenes recalled that on Wednesday a shar pei was in the vicinity of  Catzí in Paraiso. The animal had been wounded by a porcupine, and although they tried to catch it, the pet escaped. The next day it appeared poisoned appeared in the same area.

“It seems that they are being killed with strychnine, which is prohibited. All we can do is pick up the animals in bags and take them to the landfill, because they have no chance, “said Mayor Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Sonia Brenes said that when they find a dead dog, the association gathers to bury him and they will not allow them to take them in the garbage truck.

“The municipality has an area in Ujarrás wants to make a shelter for stray animals that wander through this city,” said Rodriguez.

Brenes said on Friday held a rally in Paraiso for support against the abuse and the killing. If you have information of those responsible for the deaths, please call 2574-2121.

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