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Killer and Distributor of Kitten Snuff Films Wanted on Two Continents

This is not a help wanted ad but a warning that a cannibal killer is on the loose. Canadian citizen Luka Rocco Magnotta is being sought by Interpol, British, French and Canadian police for chopping up his Asian roommate, eating some bits of him and sending others to various political institutions.

The ruling Conservative Party was the reluctant recipient of a severed foot while the Liberal Party was delivered a hand via the Canadian Postal Service. Presumably etiquette of left and right was retained for the extremities. Police believe the packages are linked to a torso found in a suitcase behind a Montreal apartment building.

The suspect is also accused of filming and distributing films of Kittens being suffocated after placing them in plastic bags and sucking the air out of them with a vacuum cleaner. Another documents a kitten being devoured by a snake. The most ominous of his oeuvre however features him attacking his Chinese roommate with an icepick, slashing his throat and eating bits of him. The video, 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick, can be searched at (when their servers allow due to high demand.)

Magnotta was interviewed last year by the UK Sun newspaper after complaints about the kitten videos were aired. He complained that people were impersonating him online. After the interview the Sun received an email believed to be from him saying that once you taste blood you can’t stop killing. He promised his next victim would not be an animal. Apparently he kept his word.

Magnotta also claims to be a struggling gay porn star. Reports also have him dating notorious, and free, Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka. (She was released from jail after serving only 12 years for the torture and murder of three people, including her own sister.) A former transsexual lover going by the name of Nina Arsenault told cops that he was a “fucked up kid.” He would punch himself in the head while showering, used speed and was obsessed with Madonna and James Dean.

Arsenault met Magnotta when he was just 18 and working as a stripper. He said his name was Luka. He would joke about killing animals, people and even his own family and would do anything to be famous. “He was my very first lover after I started living as a transsexual.”

Canadian police say that Magnotta took a flight from Montreal to Europe on Saturday May 26- though they’re being coy about exactly where in Europe. They also believe he could be traveling disguised as a woman.

Though it turns out that Luka wrote an online guide about how to vanish without a trace he may have some difficulty pulling that one off as he’s left a veritable treasure trove of photos and videos scattered about the internets. A cryptic comment from a relative stated, “He hurt us when he was younger and we haven’t been in contact with him a while. We suggest that people use caution if they come into contact with this jerk.

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