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Keys to Having a Safe Costa Rican Vacation

Costa Rica Travel News – 1.5 million people visit Costa Rica each year to enjoy a safe tropical paradise. While Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America, there are some precautions to consider before your trip. With consideration of the following, you will surely have a safe and enjoyable vacation in Costa Rica.

costa rica safetyLet’s start at the beginning. To get into the country you need an up to date passport that has at least 90 days before expiring. During your travel inside the country carry only a copy of your passport’s photo and visa pages along with your original drivers license. These two forms of ID will appease bar bouncers and cops. Leave the passport in a hotel safe.

Report your travel intentions on the U.S. embassy’s web page in order to receive instant e-mail updates in case of any emergency within Costa Rica as well as to be reachable by family members in case of an emergency at home.

Carefully write down a list of your medications and have it with you at all times. Bring prescription medications in their original packaging. Packing sunblock and mosquito repellent will also be helpful. No vaccines are needed to travel to Costa Rica, unless you plan to volunteer with animals.

Pack for cold and hot weather, including a rain jacket or umbrella. The capital and mountains are cold at night while the beaches are hot. Most areas will experience a little rain daily.

The most dangerous part of Costa Rica is the ocean. About 10 Americans drown every year in the waters of Costa Rica! There are frequent riptides and no lifeguards. Only go in the water with other people and only up to your knees! That may sound silly but any further and you may get caught in a drop off or strong current. If you choose river activities such as tubing or rafting make sure the company is ICT certified. No other certification checks the safety standards.

As far as transportation goes you may use buses, taxis, or rent a car. When driving, be defensive as the road conditions and other drivers are crazy! If you go by taxi, stay aware of your surroundings to make sure drivers are not taking you in circles to make more money. Make sure they start the meter instead of making up a price at the end! When buses make stops be sure to take your bags to the bathroom with you.

Don’t trust anyone with your belongings. Most travelers and Costa Ricans are friendly but if you are showy with valuables or leave things unattended that’s just asking for trouble! Call 911 and the embassy to report a robbery, crime, or emergency.

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