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Keylor Navas Humble in the Bright Lights

Costa Rica News – Keylor Navas shines of fame but remains humble to his core.

His history gives him nothing but honors yet he talks like a normal person and tries to remain the most normal that is possible and enjoy all things.

He ensures that winning the Champions League and playing in Madrid will not change him or how faithful he feels to the Sele. He says he will not forget his roots. He tries to remember where he came from, where he played, his family and his friends.

Navas has plenty of experience before the media, often speaking to groups of hundreds of reporters, cameramen, etc. He tries to see beyond the television and show people he is a normal human being.

He puts humility and the Tricolor at the foreground. He claims to be able to feel the colors of the shirt. He recently clarified that he only leaves the airport by a different door to avoid tumults.

He prefers to leave with everyone but doesn’t want to cause problems.

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