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Kevin Albert Knowles A Pathetic Gringo is Deported!

Costa Rica News – Since I just found out about this today I wanted to thank lucky stars that this pathetic excuse for a human being is out of Costa Rica.  There are all types of scum bags that try to escape their pasts and continue their evil ways in Costa Rica but Kevin Albert Knowles ranks as one of the most pathetic losers that I have ever had the unpleasant honor of meeting. No return will happen any time soon as People deported from Costa Rica cannot return for 10 years.

For all of you have lived in Costa Rica it takes a lot for the OIJ or immigration to come to your door and force you to leave Pura Vida land.  You have to have done something really bad or pissed off the wrong people somewhere along the way. I think for Kevin Knowles it was both.

Before running to Costa Rica he was charged with sexual assault of a child and registered as a sex offender as seen here. 

He was convicted to serve a 24 month Term and is wanted in Texas for running.  I guess he wanted to continue his sexual liasons with young boys in Costa Rica.

I have the deepest respect for people that served in the armed forces and I am not going to let this bad egg ruin my thoughts and respect for those protecting my home country. However, Kevin Knowles an ex marine…..or at least he said he was, is not a good example of presenting those core values taught when training to be a soldier.

He had come to Costa Rica to try to hide his flaws but if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck….it usually is.

People in Costa Rican lie all the time which is most likely why people believed this gringos lies each day he was here. He fooled friends, he fooled family, and he even fooled business people with his extravagant stories. Because they were so detailed people would buy then thinking to themselves how could you make that up.

Although the examples of his pathetic behavior were many we wanted to share a few.

1. While working at a call center for Panasonic in Costa Rica one of his co-workers went into the hospital for emergency surgery, which included open heart surgery.  This co-workers laptop, ipod and other electronics were put in “trustworthy” Kevin Knowles possession for safe keeping until this person got out of the hospital. The co-worker exited the hospital 3 months after he went in and requested that the electronics be returned so he could begin work and contact friends while in recovery. Kevin Knowles then a day before the items were to be returned said that thieves came in his house and stole those electronics and a pair of his dirty underwear. Later it was found out that Kevin had sold these items for money while the co-worker lay in the hospital.

2. Kevin Knowles and Eddie “Ace” Martinez started their own Sportsbook called Premier Sports Betting.  Eddie Martinez who was at that time working for Just Bet would steak clients info from his current job and call them to deposit at Premier Sports Betting.  This probably made a few people angry at Just Bet.  What was worse is the players coming over were most of the time winners and after Kevin and Eddie had collected upwards of $30,000 to $40,000 these players were requesting to be paid for their bets. Low and behold the money was gone and the players were ignored and told that they were not getting paid.  In essence  Kevin Knowles stole their money with a sportsbook scam.

We can throw in the fact that he was having sex with young boys at his apartment, borrowed money from friends and family with no intention of every paying it back, paid young boys to come to his lair and perform sexual favors on him, and so much more but at least Costa Rica does not have to worry about him anymore.

More proof he never stopped his pedophile ways

He will waste away back in Texas telling his family lies and hiding who he really is. Well Kevin Knowles we know who you are…..a pathetic example of a human being and should be trusted by no one anywhere.  Do you know how he is lying? His lips are moving.

Costa Rica was Neverland Ranch for Kevin Knowles!


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