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Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour Stopping in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Get ready for dancing sharks and photobombing Katy Perry’s on-stage selfies because the Pop Queen is coming to Costa Rica to finish off the Prismatic World Tour.  

Prismatic World Tour katy perryOverall, Perry’s charisma and artistry have brought her a long way fast and the anticipation is strong regarding what she will do next.

She has set and exceeded a number of records.

The Super Bowl Halftime star’s second performance in Central America, after her concert in Panama, will light up the stage at Parque Viva in La Guacima on October 18th.

With tickets to her shows typically range from $30 to $400, you will want to be the first to get yours on Move Concerts (formerly Evenpro).

Katy Perry’s arrival has been long anticipated and with a date finally on the calendar, the Prismatic World Tour will undoubtedly be one to remember.

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