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Karina Bolaños to Tell the Truth on the Border Trail Corruption, Calls CR Government Bluff

Costa Rica News – Well Karina Bolaños struck first with her interview with the Spanish magazine, Interviu. The machismo male diplomats then did their typical threat and asked her to back up her statements she said in the magazine and expected her to back down as most men in power positions do in Costa Rica.  Well it seems they were called on their bluff.  She is standing her ground against this Laura Chinchilla led band of criminals.

karina bolanosThe Youth ex-viceminister Karina Bolaños agreed yesterday to speak with Congresswoman Patricia Perez on alleged irregularities in the construction of the trail that the government built parallel to the river San Juan.

Bolaños said an email sent Perez on Tuesday, in her capacity as chairman of the Supervisory Board Income and Expenditure of Congress, in which she requested the legislator to clarify which manages information about the case.

The exfuncionaria explained that she is in Spain, but said: “We are happy, to talk when she gets back.”

Perez had given one week to Bolaños to substantiate her statements on the trail but she said with the email, she would give more time to listen.

Perez’s request came a day after Bolaños claimed in the Spanish magazine Interviu the president, Laura Chinchilla, protects corruption related to the border with Nicaragua route in which the government has invested ¢ 20.000 million.

Bolanos made the remarks a month and a half after her dismissal by Chinchilla, after the circulation of an online video. The departure from office in the Ministry of Culture also involved her divorce from Victor Hugo Viquez deputy of the ruling National Liberation Party, who in turn was, until last Tuesday, a member of the commission investigating the case of the trail.

Something tells me that she found out a lot of information from pillow talk with her ex-husband.  No wonder he resigned before her story comes to light. He is going to be considered a tattle-tale when she starts talking.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    I am convinced lady Laura is not leading as a president nor as PLN party leader. The ads showing her as a marionette being controlled by the Arias brothers is true. They put her out there to give speeches, photo ops however, has no power whatsoever. Karina show how we are as well manipulated. A lot of money got stuffed into the PLN party members pockets for sure!

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