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Karina Bolaños Says Laura Chinchilla Only Protects the Corrupt

Costa Rica News – Karina Bolaños is back in the news after an interview with Interviu magazine.  The Costa Rica government says her comments are unfounded but here at CRT, we believe she is finally exposing what everyone already knows, the Laura chinchilla administration protects and revels in corruption and protecting Costa Rican government males.

karina bolanosOn July 30, an erotic video ran social networks and television around the world. In it, the then Deputy Minister of Youth of Costa Rica appeared in lingerie insinuating her lover. A few hours later was dismissed by the country’s president, Laura Chinchilla. Karina now reveals extortion and says she was the victim.

Communications Minister, Francisco Chacon, described her statements as “baseless”.  Exviceministra Youth, Karina Bolaños, made these comments in an interview with the Spanish magazine Interviu .

In the latest issue of that magazine, Karina Bolaños said President Laura Chinchilla “only protects the corrupt.” In that edition, the exfuncionaria also poses topless.

Chacon said that the subject up earlier today with President Chinchilla, who had not yet seen the publication.

“It’s a totally unfounded statement and for us the issue of Ms. Bolaños is a closed chapter,” said Chacon.

She will probably be now put in jail for stating truthful statements about a corrupt administration.  This case is not closed as they expected her to take her punishment quietly.

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  1. gordon said:

    The powerful and corrupted government always protect themselves and pensions. Karina is out gunned. No matter what we all know the PLN and Laura is nothing more than bullies. Now we will see how far they will go.

  2. Diana said:

    It is sad to see how journalists tend to forget the basics of their tasks and career. A news carrier (Newspapers, journalists, Magazines, News, among others) should be objective, inquisitive and documented with facts and not with persception. Nowadays a governments legacy is directly impacted by media, social networks and particularly news reports. If this sort of journalism continues to be supported, all sort of hope in a government (the people, the governors, the government arms…) will be lost.

    • admin said:

      I am assuming you think that the fact that shark finning continues in Costa Rica and the border trail fiasco and the hole in the highway and the diplomats being caught left and right for corruption and then resigning before any consequences occur is just fine with the Costa Rican public. Please submit an article backing your thoughts on why you think the Costa Rican administration in power is not corrupt and we will run it. Please document facts.

      • Diana said:

        Sad to see the blog behind “journalism”. if you fail to understand my point of view, this “news source” AKA gossip page lacks the professionalism to even be considered news at all.

        I do not state the government, president or political arms are not failing to achieve a “desired state”. I understand and acknowledge there are major gaps in the system and implementation for laws, removal of corruption and even negligence.

        HOWEVER, I do believe that pointing fingers only at the current government (carring several problems from several other administrations) and taking a “news” of whom was supposed to be a “respectful member” of the government to target your political believe is not journalism.

        I do apologize if I have a misconception of your “news source”. However I do still believe in serious journalism that can hand in hand with the government and the people improve our society.

        I do apologize as well if any sort of feelings were hurt (assuming from your sensitive response).

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