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Karina Bolaños Has a Week To Prove Her Accusations of Corruption on the Border Trail

Costa Rica News – Well let see, just a day ago Laura Chinchilla and her band of bandits said the case was closed regarding Karina Bolaños, now they are not only opening that can of worms back up they are asking her to do the impossible.  Karina Bolaños said that there was corruption on the border trail……not a wise decision as the corruption runs so deep through the PLN party they see this as a chance to clear their name on this fiasco and have given her a week to prove her accusations. 

karina-bolaños newsKarina Bolaños, has a week to support her accusations on alleged corruption of the border trail, said the president of the supervisory board of Income and Expenditure of Congress, Rep. Patricia Perez, PLN. Ok so let me get this correct everyone knows that corruption has occurred on this dirt trail in pretty much every facet of it, the environmental assessment that was not performed, the misallocation of funds, the complete collapse of it during rainy season, and so much more.

Each part of government pointing fingers at the other part and trying to pass blame while their bank accounts remain fat from the money that was skimmed from the project.  And with this corruption running so deep they expect her to prove in a week that there was corruption……impossible. (Throw in the holiday for Costa Rica independence and the time is even shorter)

This is the biggest dog and pony show that Lady Laura has done during her term and there have been a lot. This reaction is because in an interview published this week in the Spanish magazine Interviu, the ex-minister said President Laura Chinchilla-protects-corruption related to the works of building the Government route, parallel to the river San Juan, on the border with Nicaragua.

Lets see what the consequences of her not proving this will be over the next week. My guess would be prison time for telling the truth about the cover-up.  Maybe she will fire her again or put her in jail with Paul Watson and have her “accidentally” killed.  This is case is so far from closed.  Chinchilla and her band of bandits know she was part of the inner circle for a little while so they want her shut up as quickly as possible.

Karina Bolaños did a tape in her undies, it made her husband who is a man look bad and his machismo was hurt, Laura decided that one of her male minions could not be embarrassed so she immediately fired her (other people in her government have done much worse), Karina used her 15 minutes of fame to make $200,000 or so with a magazine since she was out of a job, and now Chinchilla is trying to save face by pulling this dog and pony show.

Look, everyone knows the border trail project was filled with corruption and money misallocation from one end to the other but no  because everyone was involved in the cover-up and the rabbit hole runs so deep the truth will never be uncovered. All those that try expose the truth will be “taken care of.” Plus the entire country is being sold to China anyway as Lady Laura got her some “long duck dong”, when over seas.

If I was Karina I would ask full disclosure of all bank transactions dealing with the border trail and ask for assistance from an auditor. But we all know no one is going to touch this case and help Karina as it is the death penalty on anyone’s career and life.



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  1. gordon said:

    “….accidentally” killed.”” Dan where do you get your information or is it just your imagination?? This is like saying PLN party plans on doing away with her . I am sure her scorned husband who is a diputado would like to see her go away. But this is way out on a limb. Karina has impossible task. Wanting to to unravel this in a week where as no one has for months. Bandits have circled their wagons and protecting their money. Pura vida my ass*

    • admin said:

      Using hyperbole to make a point. She will not be killed, but her life in CR is over until Laura and her bandits are out of office

  2. gary christensen tv show, costa rica said:

    Gary Christensen TV 10 News, Costa Rica

    Costa Rica Database of happiness? Karina Bolanos?? Think again.

    Totalitarian propaganda. The dissemination of false information

    The Judicial system in Costa Rica: Corrupt and run by the Oscar Arias´ “US vetted” secret Presidential Police of terror – la DIS.

    Oscar Arias and his secret “US vetted” secret Presidential Police – la DIS is a well known dictator of violence, corruption, extortion, constitutional and human rights abuses, persecution of citizens and journalists,intimidation, threats and beatings (torture) of thousand upon thousands of innocent citizens.

    In Costa Rica the defacto President Oscar Arias with his secret (wikileaks) “US vetted” CIA Presidential Police – La DIS, multinational corporations, the UN, OAS and Interpol control all media and the court system.

    The DIS and the US threaten and attack all here in Costa Rica and intimidate journalists in the US who attempt to disseminate Oscar Arias Presidential cartel extortion, blackmail, violence against women,human rights abuses and state sponsored persecution of the population..

    It is a state apparatus of extortion, violence, terorrism, beatings and constitutional and human rights violations.

    The Costa Rican Presidency has threatened us and other journalists with jail sentences should we reveal corruption and Constitutional and Human Rights violations.

    “New law imposes a sentence (between four to eight years) in prison to those who obtain “secret political information”.–impone-carcel-a-quien-obtenga–informacion-secreta-politica-.aspx?Page=2

    Death Threats by Government of Oscar Arias (INS) against ANEP

    Cato Institute, Washington D.C.

    The Mafia: “Institutionalized Organized Crime” The PLN and (the Government of Oscar Arias, the US, the UN, the OAS and Laura Chinchilla

    Foundation for Human Rights

    The “ultra repressive” Presidential Police la DIS of Oscar Arias an arm – un apendice of the C.I.A.


    Gary Christensen TV 10 News

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