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Johnny Rockets Restaurant Comes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Well considering the population especially in the San Jose area of Costa Rica continues to put on the pounds from fast food restaurants that are shooting up at every corner, this entry of another burger joint should catch no one by surprise.

Johnny Rockets Restaurant costa ricaThe hamburger joint Johnny Rockets California announced the opening four restaurants in Costa Rica as part of its plans to enter Central America. They have obviously done their market research and have seen the huge demand for greasy food in Costa Rica.  Try walking more than 2 blocks in downtown San Jose without passing a McDonald’s.

One of the new restaurants will be located at the entrance to the Lincoln Plaza shopping center in Moravia (opposite Starbucks) and it is part of an expansion at the mall. Then they will open up in Escazu, Heredia and Alajuela over the next year.

Antonio Burgos, spokesman for the International Gastronomic Development Company said each restaurant will create 30 to 40 jobs and require an investment of more than ¢ 250 million ($ 500,000), because most of the finishes are imported.

“We want to ensure the customer that if they enter the restaurant in Lincoln Plaza or  one in California, they will get the same experience, ” the spokesman stated.

Johnny Rockets is famous for selling secret recipe burgers, milk shakes and floats (cross between ice cream and soft drinks), amid an atmosphere that reminds people of the 1950s and 1960s in the United States.

This franchise joins the list of restaurants in Costa Rica whose specialty on the menu are the burgers.

Johnny Rockets has about 300 restaurants in 30 U.S. states and 16 countries and serves 17 million burgers a year.

Costa Rica welcome to becoming a obese fast food nation like the USA. And we wonder why the USA is hated everywhere……perhaps it is because many of the things we bring to other nations are not healthy.


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