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Johnny Araya is Back; Costa Rica Election Wrap Up

Costa Rica News – Johnny Araya is most recently known for losing the Presidential candidate in 2014 but before that he was the mayor of San Jose and now he is back in that position once again.

costa rica electionsI guess he changed his mind about becoming dedicated to farming.

Araya held his position for over 20 years with the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) but was later banned to take part in the PLN. He then created a new party Alianza Por San Jose, which he will now lead under.

PLN and PUSC took many of the mayoralties. PAC took very few and thus plans to enter a period of focus in how to integrate a younger population into its structure to increase its base of supporters.

There were 6,069 posts being voted for in this 2016 Municipal vote. 31,000 candidates from 61 political parties participated.

There were a total of 3,199,796 registered voters, including 21,431 register for voting from other countries.

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