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Jobr App; The Tinder for Your Job Search

Technology News – In the future, the solution to all of life’s challenges could begin with swiping right. The simple concept of swiping right and left on dating app Tinder to indicate interest has now been harnessed by Jobr, an app that aims to pair job seekers and recruiters.

jobr app 1The app works by connecting to a user’s LinkedIn profile, creating a profile page of their job history and skills.

Advertisements can be parsed using location, salary requirements and industry.

While there are no shirtless selfies here like you would find on Tinder, the app instead serves up ads from companies trying to woo the right candidate with sexy, snappy job descriptions.

Users can swipe left if the job doesn’t look like a fit and right if it’s something they would be interested in learning more about.

Meanwhile, recruiters can look through profiles of job seekers and do the same thing. If it turns out there’s a mutual match, the app will the connect both parties through a chat feature.

After a quick look through the app, it appears many of the listings currently being offered are at tech start-ups.

If you’re not in the market for a new gig, a third option on the app isn’t too shabby either. Instead of swiping right or left, recommend a friend.

According to Jobr, each person who refers a candidate who ultimately gets hired will score $1,000.

Now if only we could swipe left and right on apartment listings, new cars, and Mother’s Day gift ideas.


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