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Jairo Mora Trial; How Well Does Costa Rica’s Witness Protection Program Work?

Costa Rica News – We are going to find out over the next few months how well Costa Rica can protect it’s witnesses before the trial is one thing, but now the true test begins.

jairo mora trial costa rica 1A witness whose identity was protected until Wedneday, Róger Salguera Valdivia, was able to identify the seven men accused for killing Jairo Mora and raping the women who were with him.

This man’s testimony was received via video conference with the criminal court in Limón. The accused are two brothers named Salmon and five others named Quesada, Centeno, Delgado, Cash and Arauz.

Valdivia is a neighbor of Moín in Limón. He was out picking coconuts on the day when this terrible crime occurred. He gave his testimony, saying that his plans were interrupted when he encountered these men just moments after the attack of Jairo Mora. Valdivia was able to see with his own eyes the drag marks Jairo’s body left in the sand.

The Public Ministry has one more protected witness that has been referred to only by an alias at this point. His story will also be heard by the court via a video conference. There is a lot of evidence in this case, so we can expect that the responsible individuals will be convicted.

The real question is are these witnesses that are coming forward and testifying against the suspects going to be safe after the trial ends and are their families in harms way as well?

Only time will tell.

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