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Jairo Mora Murder Case Prosecutor Being Charged with Crimes

Costa Rica News – Disappointment and anger still pulse through the veins of many that have been following the Jairo More murder trial, ever since the suspects were acquitted of all charges.  

A case that was destroyed by evidence being thrown out due to mishandling and procedural errors.

Now the prosecutor is being brought up on charges. 

Yorleny Ching Cubero was the prosecutor responsible for drafting the indictment in the Jairo Mora case in Limón. She is now about to face trial herself on February 9th on charges of abuse of power and aggravated deprivation of liberty.

Lorry Chiny Orozco, a public defender in Siquirres, filed the lawsuit. Ching ordered Chiny’s arrest back in 2010 for allegedly manipulating a witness. Ching’s name came to light again in regards to deficiencies in the evidence handling in the Jairo Mora case.  

Chiny was sentenced to eight days without pay on that occasion in 2010. Chiny claims that at the beginning of the ordeal she asked Ching why she was being arrested and Ching replied that soon she will find out, when she reaches the prosecution.

Chiny’s attorney, Federico Campos, argues that his client was victim to an illegal, disproportionate and authoritarian arrest, her rights having been contradicted by a prosecutor who thinks herself to have unlimited power.

Since Costa Rica has decided not to punish the killers at least someone might be held accountable. 


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