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Jaco Rays Put Up a Fight Against Saprissa

Costa Rica Sports News – The Jaco Rays were set to play against Saprissa last night in an uninterrupted, mid-season match. What it turned into was a physical two part match that resulted in a 2-1 loss. It was tied 1-1 last night, with about 35 minutes gone, when everything went dark. 

jaco-rays-soccer-penalty-300x237The weather hadn’t looked promising for hours leading up to the 7:00pm match against the Rays fierce rival Saprissa. It was a torrential down come game time and it never let up from there. It was nearly impossible for players on either side to judge the bounce and/or speed of the ball as there were puddles scattered all over the field.

That didn’t seem to have any effect on the physicality of the game though; players were flying all over the place battling for balls and lobbying for position. It was clear from the get go that the ref was letting them play and wasn’t going to be calling any ticky tac fouls for either side. The Jaco Rays scored first off a corner kick, and  Saprissa tied the match up at 1-1 about 10 minutes later. After a few more no calls and a lot more rain, there was a power outage that obviously forced the match to a halt.

Play resumed today at 11:00am with a much more permitting forecast. Referee’s continued play with only 12 minutes left in the first half. The match remained very physical which caused the home fans to get all riled up and take it out on the refs; who, in their defense, were calling the match very evenly. It was a very entertaining stalemate up until a forward for Saprissa scored off a ricochet header from a free kick with about 10 minutes remaining in the match.

The last match between the two teams ended in a 2-2 tie and the Rays pulled out a 1-0 victory before that. It was a hard fought, disappointing loss for the Ray’s. Either way, everyone needs to get out when you have a chance and support your local team.

By Tanner Sanders

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