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Jaco & Los Suenos Preparing Their Sportfishing Charters for High Season

Costa Rica Fishing – Costa Rica is a world renowned tourist spot not only because of the economic prices of medical and dental treatments it offers but more so because it is a tropical adventure waiting to happen. Its’ beautiful and mostly untouched wildlife lets people experience something they can only envision in their wild dreams. Those who have been working hard all their lives in bustling cities are able to relax and enjoy the picturesque surrounding and their cynicism and jadedness gets stripped off them and they can’t do anything about it.

costa rica sportfishing jaco los suenos 1Unlike most part of the world that has become a popular tourist spot, Costa Rica did not succumb to industrialization, rather it preserved and conserved its natural resources and in the end kept its splendor to share to the world.

One of the best things offered by Costa Rica is its ocean’s diversity making it one of the top ten destinations for sportfishing all over the world. Because it has access to Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean it is a great fishing ground for anglers and serious fishermen since they can catch big game fish. What makes things even better is that on both the east and west coast, Costa Rica has abundant mangroves and rivers that feed into the ocean which makes it a fantastic nursery for numerous feeder fish species resulting to a year-round variety for big and predator fishes.

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The best region to go sportfishing in Costa Rica is the Central Pacific coast, to be more precise the area between the Los Suenos to Quepos, because it offers a big huge number of big game predator fish like marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo, snapper and roosterfish to name a few.

In the seaside towns of Jaco and Herradura (home of the Los Suenos Marina) sportfishing is categorized in two types; inshore and offshore fishing. Inshore fishing is done in shallow waters within a few miles from the shore with depth ranging from one to thirty meters. With this type of fishing, anglers can catch jack crevalle, rockfish, striped bass, mackerel, rooster fish, halibut, snapper, and barracuda.

Offshore fishing, also known as big-game sportfishing, range from twenty to forty miles from the shore in waters hundreds or thousands of feet deep. Anglers can catch marlin, wahoo, sailfish and tuna when they go offshore fishing.

One thing is for sure, expert and novice alike would want to hook into a Blue Marlin who by far is the apex predator on the high seas. The Blue Marlin is currently the most difficult and challenging specie to catch because it is the hardest hitting and hardest fighting fish of all making it the ultimate offshore big game fish.

To guarantee an enjoyable and successful angling, make sure to find a reputable sportfishing charter that provides a fully equipped boat managed by an experienced captain who will take into consideration the location, weather water conditions and other elements.

A sportfishing charter from Los Suenos or Herradura may cost you $200 for an inshore outing but would go up depending on what type of boat you want to use and how long you want to stay in the water.If you want to go offshore the fee will definitely go up from $600 to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the type of boat you want to use and how long you want to go angling.

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