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Jaco & Hermosa on a Budget; Just Think Tacos

Costa Rica Travel News  – I know that some of us actually have to watch the amount of $s we spend on a daily basis while living in or travelling through Costa Rica although many are too proud to admit it.  For me I know that money does not grow on trees ad if I can find good deals that are both enjoyable and easy on the wallet I am going to take advantage of them.

taco bar $3 breakfastIt is funny as I have been actually made fun of for knowing when and where to go to grab a bite to eat for a little less on certain days or at certain times by local women.  Almost to the point of being called cheap.  I like to call it frugal and it allows me to to be able to spend money on things that I can enjoy like a new fishing rod or a new pair of shoes.

Good food is good food, whether it costs $3 or $50.  My belly processes it just the same.

Breakfast at the Taco Bar

For those of you that are able to climb out of bed before 10 am and want to get something to eat in Jaco for me Taco Bar is where to go.  Yes there are other breakfast places in town, but for me eggs, pancakes, and fruit are not a gourmet meal and should not cost as such.

Taco Bar is kind of an oasis in the middle of Jaco. Located behind Los Amigos in the main drag, the plants growing around it and the atmosphere make you kind of feel like you are in a serene restaurant with a jungle and beach feel.

Each day Taco Bar has the $3 breakfast.  It varies but it can be the healthy crunch omelet with carrots and green beans inside it. They can fill you up with the pancakes and fruit plate.  I do not know if there is a way to tell what they are having that morning before arrival but I enjoy the surprise.  No matter what they are serving I know I will get my $3 worth.

$1 Tacos at The Backyard Bar in Hermosa

Being that I have set up shop in the Hermosa area I needed to find a place to enjoy some good food with a good atmosphere close to home.  I was lucky enough to find this in front of one of the best beach breaks for surfing in Costa Rica.

After a day’s work a few days a week I head over to The Backyard bar at about 4:30 pm.  From 4:30 until 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday it’s taco time at the beach.

I get to enjoy steak, chicken or fish tacos in flour tortillas for only $1 a piece.  I can watch the surfers try to catch a few waves as the sun sets over the Pacific and throw down 4 to 5 delicious tacos.  Not a bad way to wind down and clear your head after a long day.



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