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Ivory Coast Looking to Follow Costa Rica’s Lead for Reforestation

Costa Rica News – Côte d’Ivoire sees Costa Rica as a great example and resource when it comes to reforestation efforts.


The two countries have signed a memorandum of understanding within the framework of a climate summit to take place this week in Morocco.

Côte d’Ivoire lost 90% of its forests because of it being the main cocoa producer in the world. The African country wants to reverse its deforestation as Costa Rica did years ago.

Costa Rica is now forested in 52.38% of its territory but it wasn’t always that way. In 1987, it had a forest cover of just 21%. Leaders in Côte d’Ivoire hope to learn from Costa Rica’s tactical experience in forest management.

In the ‘90s, Costa Rica banned land use change. It also offered incentives for forest plantations and natural regeneration.

Additionally, the National Forest Financing Fund pays forest owners to keep their land forested.

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