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It’s the University of Costa Rica’s University Theater’s 65th Birthday

Costa Rica News & Events – The University of Costa Rica’s University Theater is celebrating its 65th anniversary!

El Arlequín Theater 1It was created back in 1950 so that the country could enjoy this form of expression. It’s not a student theater, rather the productions are made up of graduates.

They were originally located in the El Arlequín Theater, which is 50 meters north of the Chelles Bar. Four Spanish actors were hired to arrange the group, which is made up of academically trained actors and directors.

They have, from the start, been considered an experimental theater group, always searching new forms of expression and the renewal of theatrical language.

Additionally, they are known for risk taking in areas like aesthetics, technical aspects and ideology.

This theater has given over 150 productions. They have won numerous awards including best stage production, best direction, best lead actress, best director, and more throughout the years.

They have also gone to participate in festivals around the World.

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