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It’s Feeling Like Christmas; Time for Ice Skating in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Are any of you missing the cold weather or snow sports from up north?

The last few years haven’t felt quite Christmassy (yes that is a word), though there were Santas up since August. The snow and ice is part of the feeling and tradition.

We recently found out there will be a snow park in Costa Rica this year. The newest news is that there will also be an ice skating rink. It will be available to the public and for all ages.

The rink will be at the National Stadium and measure 30 meters by 15 meters. There is room for about 150 skaters but for safety only 100 will be allowed on the track at any given time.

It will open on November 30th and stay open for 30 days. Tickets cost ¢6,000 for adults and ¢3,000 for kids. It will be available everyday from 10-noon and 2-11pm.

There will be live DJs, skating teachers, a hockey championship, a professional show and a seven meter snow slide.

costa rica ice skating rink

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