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Italian Mafia Funding Drug Trafficking in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Eleonora Gigliotti, the matriarch of an Italian family which dedicates itself to drug trafficking, has pled guilty in a drug trafficking trial, admitting that she has given large sums of money to traffickers in Costa Rica.

She gave her confession Monday afternoon at the Federal Court in Brooklyn, New York. She is expected to spend at least 5 years in prison.

The US, Italy and the Netherlands were involved in the investigation.

The woman, age 56, spent $360,000 for the drug on her three day trip to Costa Rica in 2014.

She has made six entries and exits in Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria Airport from 2012-2014. Her nephew is also on trial. He spent $170,000 on his visit.

Gigliotti’s husband and son were also sentenced to prison. They had a pizzeria in New York that served as a front to cover their drug trafficking business.

They shipped the cocaine in boxes of cassava and pineapple to the US and Europe with help from a Cuban led band in Costa Rica. Arrests have been made in Costa Rica.

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