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It is Less Expensive to Climb Costa Rica’s Highest Peak; Chirripo

Costa Rica News – Are you looking to climb to the top of of Costa Rica? I have been in the area and it is one of the only times I wore a jacket and was still cold. Now if you decide to take the climb to the top it is going to not hit your wallet as hard……

Chirripo costa rica 1A hike to the country’s highest peak used to cost ¢250,000 (about $500), but now you can hike Chirripo for ¢95,000. That’s a 62% decrease in cost.

This change is because Eternal Waters won a concession to manage everything from accommodation and food to supplies and equipment for visitors to Chirripo. They manage the Crestones Hostel in the park.

To get to the top of Chirripo’s 3,820 meters above sea level, you have to climb for 20 kilometers. You have to spend at least one night.

The hostel used to have just one worker and visitors had to bring everything needed to sleep and eat.

Now there are four workers and the hostel is more comfortable. It comes with pillows and blankets. They provide meals onsite.

Capacity was also increased, meaning that now you can get a reservation for three months from now instead of six. They are now staying open every day of the year, instead of closing 45 days a year for maintenance.

To make your reservation, call 2742-5097 or go to

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