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Is The Costa Rica Wastewater Treatment Problem Going to Be Addressed?

Costa Rica News – The Ministry of Health has a big project on its hands, as the Comptroller General of the Republic has requested that it exercise much better control over industries that have wastewater treatment systems.

wastewater treatment costa ricaOne of the concerns that Costa Rica’s CGR has is that the residues generated from these wastewater treatment processes could be being mixed with waste in open dumps, vacant lots, or worse, rivers.

The Comptroller made a report between January and December 2014.

It stated that the Ministry of Health exercises “insufficient control” over the process of collection, treatment and disposal of the sludge generated from treating industrial wastewater.

The Ministry of Health hasn’t established any protocols for this matter.

It has not even requested that companies with these systems present a report of the management of the waste. Ensuring safe waste disposal is essential to protecting the health of citizens.

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