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Irresponsible Tourists Have Negative Impact on Sea Turtle Nesting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Tourists, let’s step up the responsibility level a bit.

tourists sea turtle nesting costa rica 1A huge influx of tourists breaking just about every rule has negatively affected the turtles nesting in Ostional Wildlife Refuge this weekend.

The turtles come up to nest in groups every month. This is known as “arribada.” The area is protected by guards, guides and guidelines that human visitors should respect, for the safety of the animals and to ensure they continue using this beach.

It’s important not to touch the animals or stand in their way for any reason. Follow the guides to avoid standing on top of a nest, crushing the eggs before the little guys even have a chance. Pictures with flash are also prohibited.

September is the beginning of peak season.

Turtle tourism is being promoted on social media attracting a lot of attention. If you want to be part of this cool tour please do so respectfully. Do not try to get on the beach unguided or break the rules.

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