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Irregular Events Going On Around ICE’s Pirrís Hydro Project

A group of neighbors in Acosta, Aserrí and Parrita reported a series of irregular events surrounding the construction of the Pirrís Hydroelectric Project being built by ICE (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad) and Parritón, a private company.

Among the complaints: the river has become turbulent, there is water contamination and there is trespassing on private land- even some cases where there has been explosive demolition on private property by companies associated with the construction.

Residents of the affected areas went to the Ombudsman to investigate and intervene in the case. They were accompanied by Rep. Carmen Muñoz of the Citizen Action Party, who made a tour and investigated the problems.

“These are serious problems that are affecting the neighborhood and there is a complete lack of information to the residents who have lived there for years. They have been most concerned about the strange goings on and have come to report the anomalies, “said Munoz.

The neighboring leader of the Environmental Committee Jansi Fernandez said, “We are not comfortable being by the river. We can not even swim because, as the signs say, at any time the river flow can increase without warning. The worst are the strong odors coming from the water “.

The Ombudsman will hold talks with ICE and the private contractor to give explanations to the neighbors to try and achieve an understanding and possible settlement. If there is no agreement there is a distinct possibility of lawsuits.

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