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Iron Man’s Terrence Howard Beats Ex in CR? (Video)

Costa Rica News – Well it seems that Iron Mans friend might have not been so nice to his ex wife on a trip to Costa Rica. It’s a case of he-said-she-said.Terrence Howard’s ex-wife Michelle Ghent is claiming the actor brutally beat her while vacationing in Costa Rica, reports TMZ.

According to Ghent, who divorced Howard in May before reuniting with him for a tropical getaway, the “Dead Man Down” star started hitting her after an argument ensued.

Terrence Howard wife abuse 1But Howard is counter-claiming that she maced him, his adult daughter and another family member.

Sources say Howard’s side of the story is false and that he’s trying to cover up physically abusing Ghent. However, insiders close to the actor say it is just the other way around and that Ghent is making up the abuse story.

Regardless of claims and counter-claims, police were called and reports were taken.
Now, Ghent is reportedly heading to court to request a restraining order in order to keep Howard as far away from her as possible.

This supposedly isn’t the first time Ghent has reported domestic violence claims against the 44-year-old actor. She previously reported he hit her in the face and neck and stated the abuse started just one week after their nuptials took place.



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