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iPhone 6 Cell Plans are Here in Costa Rica; Let the Price War Begin

Costa Rica News – Here we are again ready to find out how the price war will play out, this time over the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The wait is over now so we can relax because the operators published their rates and plan details.

iphone-6 costa rica 1ICE will be selling the 16GB iPhone 6 for ¢380,000 with a one year plan or ¢351,000 for a two year plan. This includes an allowance of ¢6,500. Prices go up from there for the 64GB version or the 128GB one, which can cost up to ¢506,000 or ¢550,000 for the iPhone 6 64GB Plus.

With Claro, you can get the most basic iPhone 6 for ¢60,000 in cash and then pay ¢34,400 monthly for 600 minutes and 5 megabits. They offer versatile plans that can be combined in the way that best suits each client. There are even ways that the phone can initially be free.

It comes down to how much power you need, what you can put up front and what you use the phone for monthly. Some people don’t need any minutes, but need extra internet speed, for instance. For the best coverage go with ICE and for a customizable plan go with Claro.

ICE is selling iPhone for the following prices:

iPhone 6 de 16 GB: ₡420.000

iPhone 6 de 64 GB: ₡485.000

iPhone 6 de 128 GB: ₡550.000

iPhone 6 Plus de 16 GB: ₡485.000

iPhone 6 Plus de 64 GB: ₡550.000

ICE iPhone 6 Cell Plans

ice iphone 6 cell plan

Movistar iPhone 6 Cell Plans

movistar  iphone 6 cell plan

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