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Investigating the UFO crash at Lawrence Livermore Labs

Ghosts & the Paranormal – History Channel’s UFO Hunters investigated the purported UFO crash at Lawrence Livermore Labs. One witness describes that there was a globe that was hovering over the labs and a super laser brought it down. Livermore citizens claim that they see UFOs over the labs almost on a nightly basis.

Lawrence Livermore Labs UFOsThe labs have high security. When David X. Cenicer and his college colleagues received a tour of the labs, they were taken to a security check point office. They submitted their driver’s licenses and social security cards. What is interesting is that they had to submit their driver licenses and social security cards one month earlier.

At the security location they were weighed on something that looked like a treadmill and had to place their palms into a special pad. Were their prints being recorded? After David and his college friends went through the security point, they all received red badges. David saw what he calls a super computer room. He describes the inside of the labs as looking like something out of a James Bond movie. Information that he received is from their own admission, that they have contaminated the local ground water with chemical dumping. During David’s tour, the group was followed by a large mysterious man in a black suit. The group was taken by treadmill to certain areas of the labs. The labs make claim of housing the most plutonium in the US. Where the plutonium is housed is a series of watch towers.

David and his group were shown some of their laser technology and it was discussed that soon they will have upgraded their laser technology. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently bragged that the labs are harboring super laser technology and that his Hollywood friends need to come up here for a light show.

Star like objects, twin cylinder objects, white orbs, discs and triangles have been seen over the labs. A space battle was witnessed on the Eastern horizon of the labs and the most incredible scenario happened on 9/10/2006. A large fluorescent green fireball exploded over the labs. It exploded three times. Soon afterward a mysterious tire fire occurred, sending toxic fumes into the air. Some witnesses said they saw black helicopters in the area during the tire fire. They also saw security teams near the tire fire cleaning up what looked like debris.

HPI will be the second paranormal team investigating the labs. I brought my team with me. HPI Ufologists present: Tim Dennehy, Renee Martine, Monique Dannille Apodaca, Chantal Apodaca, Laura Miller, Tammy Straling, Sadie Bowman, Vanessa Kalinowski, Ocita the Chijuajua, Luke the Chihuahua/Dachshund, Karen Mace, David Mace.

On a lighter note, on my way to Carnegie SVRA State Vehicular Recreation Area, I was driving Chantal and Monique to the campsite. On I-5 South as we drove past the truck drivers, Chantal had her legs up on theLawrence Livermore Labs UFOs 1 dashboard and telling the truck drivers to blow their horns. Of course they all blew their horns. One trucker blew his horn so loud, that he almost blasted us off the road. We arrived at the campsite and there was plenty of time to kill before the sun goes down. So we feasted, socialized and went over our notes for this investigation while songs like Burning Down the House/Talking Heads, Love Shack/B-52s, He’s the Greatest Dancer/Sister Sledge and lots of ZZ Top played in the background.

I informed Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe that we would attempt to communicate with any UFOs using high powered flashlights and laser lights. By signaling, I would seek an intelligent signal back. I would utilize ‘psychics’ that would attempt to communicate with UFO occupants via telepathy. Of course we would observe the skies using binoculars and a spyglass telescope.

Renee Martine (Intuitive) and 2 other intuitives reported seeing 3 stars aligned in a right degree angle. The star in the middle seemed to wobble, split into two stars and finally vanished. Time of sighting: 2:06am. Other witnesses: Laura and Monique.

Tammy Straling while observing the night sky saw a darting star object that moved in an erratic pattern. Time of sighting: 3:01am. Possible witness: Me. My eyes could have been playing tricks on me. Observing the night skies on a continuous basis causes mis-sight and misjudgment. While observing with binoculars, it appeared to be a fast moving star like UFO that darts straight, hard left angle and straight again. Note: Many conventional aircraft and satellites were observed.

Observations lasted through the entirely of the evening. Photographic or video was not obtained. Light/laser signaling produced no results. Psychic telepathy communication inconclusive. Sightings by investigators are inconclusive.

I personally am glad we investigated this area and I believe that possibly UFOs are conducting surveillance on the labs, due to the threat of super laser technology. 

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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