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Internet Purchases Taxed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although many companies have been finding a way around this law, their loophole is being legally closed by the Costa Rican Treasury.  If you are looking to buy something online and have it shipped to Costa Rica you are going to be paying the enormous Costa Rica import taxes.

Most countries use import taxes to encourage the buying of domestic products…..this is not the case in Costa Rica.  They do this just to make money.  You will not be seeing any iphone 5s being physically made in Costa Rican anytime soon, nor electronics, or vehicles.  The population living in Costa Rican will have the joy of paying close to double the price outside the country though.

The Ministry of Finance confirmed that Internet purchases are taxed.

“After the analysis of the legal regulations customs and trade, as well as the statement by the Attorney General’s Office to oppose an injunction was rejected by the contentious jurisdiction, “he said.

Therefore, since October last year, purchases by Internet must pay taxes. In the absence of this regulation, operating in the country about 90 Courier companies, when in other countries are usually four or five, the ministry said. So although the law has been in place over a year they have not enforced it yet……but with Christmas coming they want to make sure they cash in.

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