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InterNations – Networking With The Expat Community in Costa Rica

Are you someone who had to leave your home country and uproot yourself and family to live abroad because of work, medical reasons or need for a change of scenery to start anew? If yes, then you do understand that even if it seems exciting and exhilarating the truth is it can be a terrifying and a daunting task because you would have to start from scratch and you will be on your own with no relatives and friends to turn to in case of emergency or misfortune, and that you would have to deal with a culture that is so different from what you are accustomed to.  

250x250The good news is you are not alone and that your life as an expat is made easier by InterNations – a welcoming and open-minded community composed of individuals who share the same experiences as you. You might be wondering what InterNations is, how it all began and what it aims to do for an expat like you.

InterNations was founded by two German college friends, Malte Zeeck and Philipp von Plato. Malte became an international TV reporter in Europe, India and Brazil while Philipp became a consultant to globally established companies in Germany, the UK and Croatia. Having experienced living in different countries themselves they know the daily problems encountered by their fellow expats – finding new acquaintances and friends, setting up a new business, iron and sort out all the necessities for your everyday life like where to open a bank account, know where best to live, what to do and where to go to set up internet connection and other utilities.

After realizing that there is a need to solve the problems faced by expats like them, they came up with the idea of creating a secure platform for expats from different countries where they can socialize, network, share experiences and get trustworthy and reliable information from fellow expats or knowledgeable locals. With this in mind, the two friends formulated a plan and organized their own boot camp where they drew up the first version of the InterNations website and devised a business plan that helped them realized their vision and officially launch InterNations in May of 2007. InterNations aim is to help expats all over the world to feel at home, have the chance to connect and personally meet delightful international individuals who share their hobbies, interests and experiences – to easily find friends who can help them explore their new surroundings. InterNations also help expats to give back to the community by donating time and talents to people in need by holding exciting local events every month. In just a few years after it was launched, InterNations’ network quickly grew and became the number one go to of expats and global welcome to costa ricaminds worldwide. As of 2014 InterNations has 80 employees and 1.5 million registered members from 390 cities all over the world.

Costa Rica is one of the many countries where InterNations has an active community in. If you are an expat or planning to become one in this beautiful country rest assured that you can get much needed advice and sage tips from fellow American expats who came from all over the US and have been residing in this country for some time now. These people can definitely help you feel at home, explore the culture and amazing attractions in Costa Rica and give you pertinent information regarding the Costa Rican market if you need to start up your own business. Click here to be part of the InterNations Community in Costa Rica.

InterNations membership is by approval only so if you want to be a part of this vibrant and welcoming community all you have to do is sign-up as a free member and create a profile on their website. Since this is a secure platform created for expats like you, rest assured that the personal information you will provide will during sign up will be handled with utmost privacy concern and will not be leaked to the public or used elsewhere. The information you will provide during sign-up will be used as basis as to whether your application will be approved or not.     

Join InterNations and get know other Expats in Costa Rica!

You can find out more about InterNations here.

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