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International Poetry Festival of Costa Rica Has Begun

Costa Rica Entertainment – The International Poetry Festival of Costa Rica (FIPCR) is a major literary happening, well known throughout all of Latin America among artists and those who appreciate poetry.

poetry festival costa ricaStarting with the second year of the festival, the organizers created a book each year to leave the legacy of the poets and allow the works to reach greater audiences.

The books are sold at low prices, well below retail value.

200 poets have been published via this festival through the years. 17 poets will be published this year. The House of Poetry Foundation is using the work of José Miguel Rojas González (winner of the National Aquileo J. Echeverría Painting Prize) on the cover.

The FIPCR team spans many disciplines and brings the art world together over poetry.

There will be a week of presentations, meetings, readings, talks and workshops. The poets will also travel to schools, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

Find out more on their website

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