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International Health Insurance in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – When travelling to Costa Rica there is always the chance the unexpected and dreaded could happen. You never plan on having to visit the hospital or use life flight on a vacation or while living in a foreign country, but it happens.  Having international health insurance can sometimes save your life.

costa rica health insurance 1Medicare and most health insurance policies only cover you when you are inside of the United States. As injuries and sicknesses do not have boundaries, it’s important to consider international health insurance when you travel or move abroad.

There’s nothing worse when traveling than having a fear of injury or wondering how you will pay for any unexpected medication or health needs. Buying an international plan will give you peace of mind. In many countries you will be expected to pay the full cost of your treatment upfront if you do not have international insurance.

When choosing an international plan decide whether you will need to include preexisting conditions. Whether or not you need this included usually depends on the severity of your condition and the duration of your travel. You may also want to include emergency air evacuation in case of needing a better hospital than the local one.

I know most of you think that this is just an added expense that will never be cashed in.  I myself believed the same until recently.  A US citizen riding a horse on the beach recently died after being thrown off her horse.  She was treated in a local clinic and could have possibly been life flighted to a hospital that might have been able to save her life.

Also a german tourist recently had an accident on an ATV tour. It took close to 10 hours to get her to a hospital in San Jose. There was a life flight helicopter near her location but she did not have insurance nor have the money to pay for the service.  After the long trip consisting of ferries and other various modes of transportation, it was too late and her arm had to be amputated. Even the doctors said if she had arrived earlier they might have been able to save the limb.

What are your limbs and life worth to you?

If you are traveling to Costa Rica for a short vacation, a long term job, or getting together a bachelor party in Costa Rica, you might want to look into getting supplementary international health insurance.

One source for health insurance in Costa Rica is Robert Clark……feel free to contact him and get a free quote, click here for his website.

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