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International Film Festival Season Has Begun in Costa Rica & Mexico

Costa Rica Entertainment News & Events – From October 8th until October 12th on the San Jose Shnit Playgrounds you will be treated to some of the best short films in the world.  This is a great platform producers to exhibit their work.

shnit film festival costa rica 1According to the Shnit website, “Since its inception, the International Short Film Festival has aimed shnit short films as a way to promote independent film art and present it to a wider audience. Therefore, every year we present a program that includes films up to 40 minutes of all genres-fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films.”

Each and every year the The Shnit International Festival will bring the short films simultaneously in different PLAYGROUNDS on five continents to life. The Bern Playground in Switzerland is the most important because the festival was founded there. The other international PLAYGROUNDS are Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Kyoto, Moscow and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Check out the Shnit International Festival website for more details.

If you happen to be in Mexico right now you have another film festival to attend.

The Centre for Cinema, International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City and the Ministry of Culture have joined forces to bring us Doctubre IB 2014, a free film festival featuring internationally acclaimed works.

The doors will open at 7 pm on Thursday in the Gómez Miralles room at the Centro de Cine. From the 2nd to the 30th of October, nine films will be showcased. They are from Germany, Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain.

On some nights, multiple short films will be shown together. One such short is about the reality of millions of children in Africa who have to leave home in search of work to support their families.

One of the most acclaimed films to be shown is “Circus,” a Mexican production. This focuses on a wife who wants a life outside the circus tent for herself and her family. 100 years of tradition rest on her decision. It’s said to be a remarkable story.

Other productions you won’t want to miss include “Machine Man” and “Five ways to Darius.” They will show us how modernity and migration affect people and cultural identity.


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