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Interesting Way to Rob a Costa Rican Bank; Inside Job?

Costa Rica News – The Banco de Costa Rica bank in Santiago, Puriscal was raided by four subjects at about 5 pm, when the bank was already closed to the public.

Bank Robber Clipart

The first of the robbers was dressed as a mail carrier and was let in because it was common for this situation to occur after hours. Then the other three came. The suspects entered from the south side, as evidenced by security footage.

At the time, there were three employees of the bank plus the security guard inside. All of them were threatened with firearms and locked in the vault. Their cell phones and pistols were confiscated. They alerted the authorities to the situation with an emergency button.

The Judicial Investigation Organization explained that the thugs left with over ¢70 million in cash from the registers and an ATM that was being loaded. There was extra money in transaction inside the bank in preparation for payday.

The thieves took off in a car that was later abandoned. Road closures were put in place but they were not caught.

The police did not show up for 45 minutes and they were let in after hours…… makes you think.

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