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Interest in Being Miss Costa Rica 2018 Dwindles

Costa Rica Entertainment – Very few girls aspire to be Miss Costa Rica 2018, it seems.

Foto de: Diana Méndez.

Although over 40 ladies registered for the contest and were invited to the first session, only 20 actually showed up.

They are between the ages of 18 and 28.

The audition to get down to 10 girls happened yesterday. They came from various parts of the country. Most are from San Jose but there are representatives from Puntarenas and Alajuela. The 10 candidates chosen will be announced in late September or early October.

The girls arrived to find many people there from the press and from beauty pages. Larissa Sanchez was the first to arrive at the audition.

She said that she came to demonstrate a little of what Costa Rican women are.

Elena Correa holds the 2017 crown. She will pass it on in April. Some of the top choices are Natalia Carvajal, Miss Eco Universe 2016, Hellen Morales, candidate from 2016, and Raquel Castro, Miss Summer 2016.

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