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Intel Planning on Expanding in Costa Rica with Much Needed Jobs

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is now, once again, an integral part of the development and design of Intel products.

intel costa rica jobsThe company’s Client Computer Group business unit is its most profitable. It is going to create 200 jobs in Costa Rica.

Yesterday, its development department to create components and technologies officially opened, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The global vice president hopes that local universities can accommodate the demand for engineers.

The country was chosen because it has a lot of universities and government support. The company was attracted to the commitment to education and the educational system. It also noticed the passion of the people and the ease of working between Costa Rica and the US.

The next step is to fully develop the capacity of Intel in the country.

Many more engineers will be needed, as there is a growing shortage. Partnerships with universities is expected to help increase the number of engineering students.

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