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Intel Continues to Put Faith in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – Intel closed its microchip factory 14 months ago, which meant 1,500 people were out of a job.

intel costa rica jobsThis local talent pool proved strong, anchoring the business and creating jobs that were not there, in fields such as engineering and cyber-security.

In 2014 the company employed 2,700 people. At this time there are 1,800 employees, which is 600 more than was estimated a year ago. While Intel started using Costa Rica as a place to manufacture, now it is shifting into a new stage based on expertise.

The local engineers are being put to work running engineering experiments. The employees do tests and collect performance data. The company wants to know what must be fixed on a product before it is mass manufactured and put on the market, ensuring full functionality to customers.

Intel is proving that Costa Rica is still a great place to invest. Despite labor being cheaper in Asia, nothing beats the knowledge and friendly attitude of Ticos.

For 17 years, Intel has stayed in Costa Rica despite the cost because of the passion and knowledge of Ticos.

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