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Insight Is Never Channeled

I seem to be meeting up with a lot of people lately that are into channeling. What is this phenomenon, both in itself and as a cultural trend, and does it have any validity and value?

extraterrestial basharWebster’s defines a channeler as “a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person’s body or conscious mind; specifically, one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits”

It’s easy to make fun of channeling. However, besides the metaphysical question, there are reasons why so many people are attracted to it. The first reason for the resonance is embodied in a ‘transmission’ from an extra-terrestrial entity named Bashar.

He, She or It is channeled through Darryl Anka, who is, fittingly enough, a former Hollywood special effects designer that’s worked on such movies as “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and “Iron Man.”

The core of Bashar’s message is as follows:

“Even though everything seems to be out of control in our world, rest assured that it’s only a process of cleansing, of purification for the better of humanity. Have faith. We will get through it.”

Setting aside the contradiction of an extra-terrestrial talking about “our world,” such sentiments fill a deep need to feel that though the world has gone crazy, and human consciousness is becoming darker and darker, it all has a purpose, and everything will be OK. Questioning the truth of the matter doesn’t enter into the equation, which is why New Age philosophy is essentially so immature.

The heart has to be put before the head, but the head has to be a check on the heart, since the heart has a tendency toward irrationality, sentimentality and fooling itself. Without the heart and the head working together in concert and dynamic balance, people are susceptible to every form of chicanery.

I’ve heard too many people give some version of this egregious statement: ‘I don’t rely on my intellect anymore, I’m an intuitive now.’ I can’t help but wonder if they’re really saying, ‘I believe whatever I want to believe because it makes me feel good.’

One of the canons and mantras of New Age philosophy is a premise that denies the existence of philosophy. It is theThe-New-Age-philosophy idea that ‘our perception is uniquely our own.’ If that’s true, then there is no truth, since ‘it’s all relative,’ a matter of personal perception.

There’s a deep contradiction at work here. Believing that there are only personal perspectives would seem to make each person independent, able to discern what’s false and what’s true for themselves. But in reality, the belief that the false and the true are personally determined increases the need for truth from some external, ‘higher source,’ making people prone to falling for anything.

That said, personally I stay away from channeling and channelers.  My view is that there may be entities in other dimensions, just like there may be intelligent beings on other planets, but one has to remain agnostic about it.

Besides, the forces of darkness in human consciousness are much more able and likely to come through channelers than the beings of light beyond human consciousness, if they exist.

The collective darkness in human consciousness can and does flow through human conduits however. I’ve held the question for some time: Is there any channeling that isn’t conductivity for darkness?

I doubt it. To win people over, manipulative self-promoters use true statements mixed with false things in emotionally resonant contexts. The context as well as the conductivity is false.

Insight and intelligence cannot be piped down to humans. A human being only grows by standing on his and her own two feet. Insight and strength grow within one by finding out for oneself, not in depending on any outside source. So I don’t abide channeling, and don’t make use of it as a means and medium. It’s not serious, and I have the same gut reaction to it that I do to séances and Ouija boards.

True human beings (and gods, masters and other intelligences if they exist) do not step down; people have to step up to meet them.

Historically, illumined human beings have been idolized, put on a pedestal as ideals, and not seen as simply prototypical human beings. If they can’t destroy you, they elevate you. If that doesn’t destroy you, it at least destroys your message.

The word ‘vortex’ often turns up in conversation in a positive sense. It’s used in exactly the opposite way that I use the word, and as the word is defined—a whirling mass, something overwhelming, a whirlpool. Instead of the dark matter in human consciousness becoming a vortex sucking all but the strongest hearts and spirits into itself, people invert it, and use it in terms of ascending into higher planes of existence.

This attests to the human mind’s capacity for denial, which seems almost limitless. Darkness is increasing exponentially, and at present there’s no light at the end of humankind’s dark night of the soul. The idea that humanity is ascending at the same time we are descending prevents us from facing the fact, and thereby, changing it within ourselves.

Martin LeFevre


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