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Increase to Cost of Riteve (Costa Rica Vehicle Inspection) Denied

Costa Rica News – Riteve recently proposed that they be able to raise their rates close to 200% to offset increases in overhead costs and inflation. 

costa rica riteve vehicle inspectionIn order to get this approved it must be submitted to the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP). They requested that the rate for light vehicles be increased from ¢ 9,030 (about $18) to ¢ 30,030 (about $60).

This request was denied by ARESEP but their explanation was not one that will probably be accepted by Riteve.  According to Carolina Mora, the ARESEP  spokesperson, “The methodology on how to adjust the Riteve cost was searched for in “La Gaceta”.  It was not found in so the request was rejected without even reviewing the documentation provide by Riteve.”

Mora said that they had requested from MOPT how the rate was adjusted before but she was not answered.

Now let’s get into the real fun, the last time Riteve was adjusted was in 2005 by MOPT. However in 2008 the responsibility of adjusting the Riteve cost was passed to ARESEP.  In the agreement between Costa Rica and the Spanish company MOPT determines the adjustment.

Welcome to Costa Rica……. The good news because of this cluterFu%&, the rate for Riteve most likely will never change.  You have two incompetent parts of the Costa Rican government basically designated for the same task. MOPT will point to the law that passed that designated ARESEP as the governing body in this and ARESEP will say MOPT has not told them what to do.

The solution to this requires thinking a little bit outside the box, not too far outside, but a little which does not happen in Costa Rican government entities.

Have you ever gone to get CAJA insurance or through the residency process? Many of the required steps do not make any sense, but you have to do them. If you ask why you will get the same answer…. “because that is the way it is done.”

The only thing I worry about is because of this disregard for the documentation that Riteve put together (not evening reading it), will they decide to get paid more in a different way? It’s possible.

Recently MOPT has  instated new rules for a car to pass Riteve which makes it a little more difficult to pass. This will require more re-inspections of vehicles which is more money for Riteve. Is this a way of increasing the fees without actually doing it?

The government officials driving their new cars and dropping their kids off at private schools this does not effect.  It is the hard working middleclass that is driving a 20 year old car that cannot afford to buy a new vehicle that’s pocketbook will be hit.

When things start effecting government officials personally, then they will open their eyes……

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