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Incidents in Voting Centers Reported for US Presidential Election

Politics News – Although I really do not want to I must report on the presidential election occurring in the USA this Tuesday.  People seem to get so mad or happy for their candidate when in actuality it does not really matter very much who wins.

Sporadic problems occurred today in some polling stations around the country, including disputes over access to polling stations or malfunctioning voting machines.

In Pennsylvania a voting machine indicated that every vote was for Republican Mitt Romney even when the voter pressed the button for President Barack Obama.

In Florida, an automated telephone message said the elections would be wrongly Wednesday.

Although most of the complaints had to do with the long lines, a coalition of civil rights groups said they have received more serious complaints.

“The calls have been strong all day,” said Barbara Arnwine, president of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

In Philadelphia, the Republican Party said that 75 inspectors legal voting credential is denied access to polling places in heavily Democratic cities, until a court issued an order granting access. Local authorities said they would investigate. Democratic Party officials did not respond when a message seeking comment.

Elsewhere, the Election Protection coalition readers reported problems with ballots in the cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo, Ohio. There was a late opening of polling stations in minority neighborhoods in Galveston, Texas and some precincts in the Tampa, Florida, although voters were referred to other boxes.

In turn, the Justice Department will have at least 780 observers at key sites in 23 states to ensure that they abide by the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and to observe any allegations of electoral fraud.

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